Adam Balkin

Finalist Event Host, NY1 News Technology Reporter


Twitter: @AdamBalkinNY1

"Without advances in STEM, my work covering cutting edge technology wouldn't be possible!"

Adam is the technology reporter for NY1 News and all of Time Warner Cable's 24-hour-news channels. He has a bi-weekly tech segment in which he covers all the latest gadgets, digital services, and news in the world of technology. Adam also has a bi-weekly "App Wrap" for rounding up many of the coolest, most innovative and useful mobile apps new to the market. In addition, Adam hosts and contributes content to "It Ain't Rocket Science," a new series produced by NY1 for Time Warner Cable's Connect a Million Minds initiative that highlights programs and people that are making STEM subjects engaging.

Adam got bit by the technology bug at a very early age while growing up in Livingston, NJ. As part of a household of early-technology-adopters, his parents would capture shots of him playing little league baseball with a digital camera, then upload those pictures to a computer before printing them out at home. No big deal by today's standards but they were doing this 30 YEARS AGO when you were cutting edge if you had a microwave in your home!!

Favorite Inventors:

My favorite inventor is Leonardo da Vinci because aside from coming up with ideas that were hundreds of years before their time -- from helicopters to musical instruments to hydraulic pumps -- he was also a painter, sculptor, anatomist, cartographer, botanist and the list goes on. He didn't just hold those titles though. By many accounts, he was a leader if not THE leader in nearly all of those fields and it's all because he applied his vast knowledge of STEM to all of them, from the sciences to the arts.

Favorite Inventions:

My favorite invention is the smartphone. We live in a time when a single device that fits in your pocket can do just about anything the human mind can think up -- from capturing high quality photos and videos, to finding the nearest WHATEVER it is you're looking for, to doing your taxes...the list of what it can do grows every second. Think about how many inventions from the past twenty-five years are all wrapped up into this one that just about everyone you know has within arm's reach twenty-four hours a day.

Why Do You Think Math & Science are so AWESOME

I love math and science because they can be so surprising. Several times a month I get to meet with students enrolled in special programs, like kids making their own video games, fixing cars or devising their own virtual tours of our galaxy. At every one of those specialty camps I hear from students who previously thought subjects like math and science were boring in the classroom but once they got to actually use it for something practical had that, " really IS useful" moment. I was fortunate enough to have a high school physics teacher who built a "WOW" into the curriculum by having us all devise experiments dealing with force and gravity, then taking us to Great Adventure just before summer break to test out those experiments ON THE RIDES.

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