Glenn A. Britt

Chairman and CEO, Time Warner Cable


"The success of my business depends on technology and innovation."

Glenn A. Britt is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Time Warner Cable. He began serving as Chairman of the company’s Board of Directors in March 2009. He was named President and CEO in 2006 and had served as the company’s chief executive since August 2001. Serving more than 14 million subscribers in 28 states, Time Warner Cable delivers a broad range of video, voice and high-speed data services to residential and commercial customers. The company is the second-largest cable operator in the U.S.

In December 2009, Mr. Britt was one of five corporate executives appointed by President Obama to a task force charged with strengthening America’s economic competitiveness through leadership in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education. The “Educate to Innovate” initiative strives to increase the scale, scope and impact of private-sector and philanthropic support in improving American students’ STEM proficiency. In conjunction with the White House initiative, Mr. Britt championed Time Warner Cable’s launch of Connect a Million Minds (CAMM), the company’s $100 million philanthropic initiative to inspire students to pursue STEM-related education and career opportunities.

Favorite Inventors:

There are so many I admire. One of my favorites is scientist and Nobel Prize winner William Shockley, who worked at Bell Labs in the '40s. Shockley is known as the father of the transistor.

Favorite Inventions:

Transistors. Most of the technology that I've encountered in my lifetime stems back to them. They've had a huge impact on the world -- in electricity, internal combustion engines and more recently, atomic energy. Without transistors, you never would have had a Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. Also...wheels on luggage! Now that's a cool and simple, yet essential innovation for people like me who travel a lot.

Why Do You Think Math & Science are so AWESOME

Math and science are awesome because they give us a framework for thinking about the world around us. They enable us to understand and create new things.

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