The i-Stand

The i-Stand is an electronic music stand that has your sheet music loaded on a screen with apps that include a tuner, a metronome, a recorder that will record you as you practice and play. The recorder can also can help you play better by pointing out corrections when you practice. The i-Stand as you play will automatically keep up and turn the page for you. I think any person who plays music can use it. Musicians will love it because they won't have to carry sheet music around and it won't fall off the stand. I thought of the i-Stand one day in orchestra because my music kept falling off my stand. I thought of the idea because my school also uses ipads.Plus sometime in the world this dream will come true so why not now! I am positive musicians will love the i-stand it's fun,modern,and efficent.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Electronics because it is sort of like an I-Pad , but just with music.You the art of science and electronics to build the i-Stand. Computer Science because you need software to power the apps , and to track the sense of touch so when the need for a tuner click out and just touch the app. Communications Technology because well there is a microphone on it. It can help you become a better musician when something tells you what you what you did wrong the microphone will pick it up in a snap! Robotics because it is kinda like a mini robot welll without the arms and legs! Engineering! Well it is fufilling my human need and possibly many others. It's the the new tech way to play an insturment . People will love the i-Stand. Because when they are invented I will probably be the first person to buy one!


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    Tessie What a great idea - you can tell you are a musician! I can't wait for something list this to come out. I like the idea of it helping you practice and making you an even BETTER musician! Way to Go! March 13, 2012
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    Tia Ombejesus this is an ah-mazing idea! i am a musician so i will definitely be hoping for this to come out.........LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!! March 12, 2012
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    Kyran with Time Warner Cable Great idea! I as a musician can definitely relate to the things that would lead to such an idea. Will definitley be looking out for the I-Stand. March 12, 2012
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