Water Powered Power Plant

My invention creates electricity using gravity and the heat from earths core. It has no harmful byproducts either. It is a way to create renewable power without using any fossil fuel or harmful chemical that will ruin our environment. What it does is it takes in the water from one tube and sends it into another bigger one. As the water falls through the tube it goes strait down toward the core of the earth. The water can only travel so far until it is forced into steam and/or water vapor. As it expands it rises turning the turbines here by generating clean energy. I would want it to be used by my own personal power company that could be able to rival national grid or other smaller power companies. If my own company isn't possible then I would sell it to national grid or some other power company. I would want for this to be used by only people that really know what they are doing because if something goes wrong in the tubes like a collapse or an over flow then the whole operation could be lost. I thought of this idea when I was in the car and I thought that just about the only thing that humans cant use up that is on/in earth is its huge core. But we need a way to harness its heat and create electricity out of it. Then it hit me. If you let the water fall toward the core using gravity as your pump and let it rise back up, spinning turbines, using the difference in density as your source of movement. when you put it all together you get a power plant running on natural power.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

My invention needs tools for earth science because the way it generates energy is by using the forces of the earth. It uses the gravity from the earth to pull the water toward the core of the earth. It will use the heat from the earths core to heat the water into steam so it can rise. My invention also needs the tools for physics because the water falls, then is heated, and rises again. All this time the water must follow the rules of physics. In order to understand the way the water will travel we will need to have tools from physics to tell us. My invention needs tools from engineering because we will need a filter at the top of the intake tube because it wont work to have fish and seaweed going into the big tube. So we will need a filter that will work like something giant so it doesn't get clogged too fast. We will also need the engineering tools for my invention because in order for the giant tubes to be dug it will need to have no collapses or any other troubles. Then finally the engineering tools will be useful when we turn the steam back into the water so the water vapor and steam don't go into the atmosphere and cause problems with the earth. This machine will only need to cool down the steam and water vapor so it will change into water.


  • Dean Kamen New sources of energy will be among the most important technological developments of this century. I'm glad that you're thinking about these important questions. March 27, 2012
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