Air-Powered Hover Car

The car will have four 1 foot to 2 foot tall air-powered jet engines. The thrust of the engines will work just as an osprey military aircraft. The engines will be suppressed with non flamable insulation. Also it is electric powered so we dont have to use gas. To turn, stop, and reverse the engines will be able to rotate 360 degrees. When you want to stop the front engines will turn to the front but not enough to damage/burn surrounding areas. To make sure its not hard to use the steering wheel will be much the same except that it can tilt forward and back to move the engines. The engines wont propel the car more than 2 feet off the ground. It can seat four people two in the front and two in the back.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Aeronautics Engineering will help it because Aeronautics makes things fly and for a Hover Car needs to fly so we need Aeronautics


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