The Car Of The Future

The Car of the Future, is a majestic vehicle designed to both eco-friendly and super fly. It has a metal fabric on the outside so it can literally change shape! As well as shape the car will have fiber optic tubes engulfing it so it will be able to change color and art design. These features are only the tip of the iceberg. The windows, including the wind shield, will be LCD screens. The windows will display the time, temperature and other basic information. It will also display the rout the car is taking as well as street signs and traffic signals. Not only will it have all these awesome attributes it will also drive itself, using a large array of sensor and a computer inside the car. Some more minor features include: temperature controlled cup holders and you the passengers will be able to control the car with voice command. It will also use a hydrogen fuel cell or a similarly eco-friendly power source.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Most of this project would revolve around robotics and computer sciences the most because the car is essentially a robot that drives people around. Physics and math will help a great deal because most forms of engineering use both of these. And environmental science will help in making the car eco-efficient.


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portland, OR
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