Robo Trashcan

Wouldn't be cool if... There were a trashcan that would tell you when the trash was full. The Robo trashcan works by there being a weight meter inside and on the bottom of the trashcan and when the trash was a curtain weight like 1 or 2 pounds the green light would turn on and if the trash was not 1 pound becuase the stuff that you threw away was taking up space and didn't weigh that much the green light would still turn on because the light sensor at the top of the trashcan would sense if the trash was above the light sensor. The Robo trashcan would be used for telling you when the trash was full it would do this by the weight meter and the light sensor. I thought of the Robo trashcan when I was doing my chore and sometimes my mom isn't home but she whats me to take out the trash so i didn't konw if the trash was full or not thats how I thought of the Robo trashcan so if I have the Robo trashcan I would know if the trash was full.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The tools I chose were the electronics and other. I chose electronis because I would need wire to go to the light, the light sensor and the weight meter. I chose other because I would need a light sensor, a light and a weight meter to tell me when the trach is full. I would use the the wire, light, weight meter and light sensor to make the Robo trashcan and I would use electronics and other to bring the Robo trashcan to life..


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