Cothes Creating Food

With food shortages happening all around the world many people are going hungry from the lack of food. And farmers are reducing in number as the world is getting more industrialized. My solution is to produce clothes that created food. These clothes would capture the heat energy produced by us humans and convert it back into chemical energy. Athletes would use this because they use the most energy so they would produce the most heat energy at first and then it would grow to almost everyone. This way we can all pool our efforts into improving our world and making it a better place.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Biology would help power my idea by helping study the flow of energy and trying to find out ta way to reverse that flow. Engineering would power my idea because it would help my figure out a way to insert heat receptors that captured the heat energy given off of humans. Nanotechnology would help me power my idea by making my heat receptors small enough that the person wearing the shirt would not feel them. Yet they would powerful enough to create a meal from just 20 heat receptors.


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Troy, MI
Age Category: 13-15

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