F.S.P.H. (Fashionable Solar Powered Hat)

Wouldn’t it be cool if you had a hat with a built in music system, speakers, microphone, phone, internet and a fan? Well, I want to present my latest invention: F.S.P.H. Which stands for Fashionable Solar Powered Hat. The main point of this hat is to multitask while saving the Earth. You can hear music by command and you won't even be able to see or feel the chords! By command I mean there is a chord that goes around your ear. The part closest to your ear has the speakers and the end of the chord has a microphone. Let’s say for example you want to hear "Where Is The Love", by Black Eyed Peas, you would say “Command "Where Is The Love" by Black Eyed Peas” and the song would automatically play. The hat also doubles as a cell/ internet capable phone, which can do things like give you directions, look up important things or just simply chat with you best friend. It is like Google in your head. How cool, I wish I had a hat like this! So you wonder where it gets the power? That’s easy to answer, on the hat bill there is a solar panel, cool right? The whole reason for the solar panel is simply to save electricity and our Earth. Well that will also give power to the fan that will go on the hat as well. The fan is available when needed by a simple command such as, "Fan switch on" or turned off with another simple command such as "Fan switch off." The F.S.P.H. will make a trendy fashion statement by coming in a variety of customizable colors and patterns.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The following sciences will be used to design and build the F.S.P.H.: computer science, math, electronics, engineering, communication technologies, and technologies to develop the fabric . These will be helpful in the development of the music, phone, internet systems for the F.S.P.H., as well as the fan. Environmental sciences will be used to develop the solar panel that will be built into to bill of the hat. We will need communication technologies and computer science to tie in the music, phone, internet systems to each other as well as to the solar power. Whenever possible, materials used for the F.S.P.H. will made of recycled materials. The fabric used for the F.S.H.P. will be made of recycled products such as plastics and other fabrics. Using the most recent scientific technologies to develop this sleek, fashionable, useful and environmentally safe piece of fashion is my goal.


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Yuma, AZ
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