Voice Activated Appliances

Don't you think it would be cool if people could contol their house with the sound of their voice? You could say lights on and they turn on. You could say oven on, and it turns on. You could even control the television, security system, and locks on the door just by using your voice. This is controlled by an installed panel on the wall. Once the panel is installed you enter your voice and everyone in house voice. When voice actvation and recognition has been established people can go from room to room and control their home. There will also be an app for ipads and smart phones that would allow the person to activate appliances in their home when they are not there. This app will also be controlled by voice activation. For example, it they're coming home at night they can turn on outside as well as inside light. If they forget to turn on their security system, they can do so through the ipad or smart phone. While this will make life very convenient for everyone, it will primarily benefit the handicap. Maybe the governement will even pay for them to have it installed. Especially for those who are handicapped while serving our country.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Computer science is necessary for the Voice activated appliance because a software would have to be developed to install the communication panel. Once the software is developed, electronics would be necessary to recorded the voices and to allow the panel to operate properly in the home. Communication technolgy would allow voice activation to happen away from through the ipad or smart phone.


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