icube 3000

The newest invention of 2012 will stop making you say “That’s impossible” Because here at apple, anything is possible thanks to our newest invention the iCube 3000. You’ve heard of the iPad and the iPhone but now you’ll never need to go somewhere to play video games and watch Television. Now thanks to the iCube 3000 you can do all of that in one. The iCube possesses six major electric devices on its sides that are all apart of microsoft and apple recent best sellers. The X-Box, camera/phone, apps and internet, siri, music player, and a TV is all included in the iCube 3000. It also contains a CD slot for the TV and music player. It’s 4x4 inch cubed design. It is small and portable for travel and other trips. The iCube uses its vertices to collect solar power for its “Eco friendly side” and there is no particular spot for wi-fi. It is located in the internals unlike the iPhone 4. Where if you touch the bottom left corner you don’t get wi-fi.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The icube 3000 uses eco-friendly solar panels to collect its energy so you don't need a pesky charger. The math of the icube 3000 is its 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch body. The science of this is how it harnesses the sun’s energy to power it. The icube is just like an iphone so it uses the same engineering to use its technology because without the engineering of it the icube would not be able to get on to the internet.


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