Parents, are you frustrated that your children are spending too much time on the computer? Well, now you are in luck, because Solar Smarts Presents the newest in technlogy, SolarTime! SolarTime lets you limit the child's time on the computer , and if you let them play all they want you can just set the timer to unlimited. If you have multiple children, then you can set up different timers and users for each child. SolarTime has solar panels on the back of the computer, so you do not have to spend too much money on powering it. If there is no sun, there is a backup charger that can charge it too. There is a second timer, which you can set for a certain amount of time you want your child to stop playing in between the main timer. There is a master password for you, parents, which allow you to get to the timer's settings. During the break, if your child cannot figure out what to do, SolarTime will give your child a list of fun things to do. After a break is over, a message will pop up that says,"Do you wish to resume your game?" and once you click resume, the main timer will start again. To add extra fun to the computer, we include fun stickers that you can decorate your SolarTime with. Now, your child will never get too much time on the computer. Hope you enjoy SolarTime!

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Math and Science power SolarTime partly by solar power. We would install software that includes two timers that parents can set to any amount of time they want. When the timer goes to zero, the computer is programmed to shut off and says that the time on the computer has expired for the day. We have solar panels on the back that we attach to the computer that can charge it, but there is also a back-up charger that can also charge it when the sun is out.


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Age Category: 10-12

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