Allergen Alert Label

We wanted to help people like this parent so what we came up with is the Allergen Alert Label. It would be like an ingredient list, only it would have pictures or symbols for each of the main allergens: Peanuts, fish/seafood, gluten, dairy, and eggs. Each allergen would have its own symbol. For example a label with a peanut symbol would indicate that the product contains peanuts. Other symbols are: A fish meaning it contains seafood, wheat for gluten, a cheese symbol means it contains dairy, and an egg means it contains eggs. Based on our research we found that 200 people die a year due to food allergies and 30,000 people have been admitted into the emergency room each year because of an allergic reaction. We hope that our idea would reduce the number of food allergy reactions.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Science needed for the Allergen Alert Label would include research for making the label most recognizable for all age and ethnic groups. We would need to research how the color, contrast and size of symbols affect how recognizable it is. Our studies would include which colors that people will notice as the warning of the certain food allergy. We would also need to conduct studies about the size and symbols of the Allergen Alert Label. Math would be applied in making graphs for the information we have gathered. The probability and statistics would also be used to determine the chance of someone recognizing the symbol for the Allergen Alert Label.


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