God has allowed me to design a water tank truck that will assist firefighters with putting out fires in areas such as California which experience large forest fires each year. The water tank truck consists of a front and back camera, eight tank wheels, an armor tank that is fire proof, a water container that holds 70 gallons or more of water, several pipes that are connected to the water container (used to distribute water to the trees), and a remote control. During the hot summers day a firefighter will be able to use a remote control to drive the water tank truck into the forest to spray the trees. The water tank can also be used during a forest fires. I feel the water tank truck will help to save lives, trees, and money. It will save the lives of firefighters and people who may live close to the forest. During forest fires trees are lost and we need trees to save the Earth. The water tank truck will save money because a lot of money is spent controlling the forest fires. Please select my invention

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Computer Science: To design tank Math: Calculate how much water to use and measurement on the forest Environmental Science: Knowledge of the forest area Electronics: Controlled by remote control and has video camera Robotics: A robot type tank Communications Technology: Can use satellites to scan the area of the fire


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Age Category: 10-12

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