The M.H.C. (Mega House Command)

The M.H.C. can be the next great thing in your house. The M.H.C. helps you by telling you things that's going on around you by talking to it. To know thing the M.H.C needs to be connected to Wi-fi or connected to an internet company. If the M.H.C. is connected to an internet company when power goes out in your house the M.H.C. will tell you the time and you can listen to the radio and much more. The battery in the M.H.C. will last up to 4-5 months just 26 hours of charge or leave it outside in the sun for some couple of hours but it needs 26 hours to be full charge because its solar powered too. You can give questions to the M.H.C. and it will answer them for example "M.H.C. what day is it?" M.H.C. will say "It is March 02, 2012." The M.H.C. is a small square cube box it has speakers built in and a microphone. The M.H.C. can be a wireless speaker for you iPod with Bluetooth. The M.H.C. can be hung on a wall or put anywhere around the house and just three speakers are wireless to the main M.H.C. and can also be hung anywhere just like the drawing shown. This can help anyone around the house. This can be the future.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The subject is an electronic our idea needs to work with technology because it will have wi-fi, Bluetooth, speakers, and microphones. without the technology it wont be able to work. And it needs these stuff to make it great and useful.


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