The Vacuum That Recycles

My Idea is about a vacuum system that recyles paper and picks up dust at the same time. It does that by having 2 plastic clear containers, and 1 tube , and a motor.What you do is to connect the motor to the wall and have paper and dust togetheron the floor. Turn the vacuum on and the tube will suck up the paper and dust when it gets to the top of the tube the plastic container there will be an inlet with a piece of window screen that will block the paper from coming in. Then you switch the tube to the other side to the other container and the paper will be in the tube so when you turn on the vacuum again and the paper will go right through because there is no screen.Then you take the tube out and the paper and dust are seperated.Has also 4 wheels at the bottom so it can roll all around the house.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

I choose Enviormental Science and Engineering because My Vacuum recycles and picks up dust and i built something.


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Age Category: 10-12

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