A data base containing information about everyone's DNA, where the base pairs are compaired. Anomalies and genetic variancy is analyzed while people can even provide information about their physical appearance and health. Maybe within some time when the price of genomics decreases this program can come in handy. It could play a huge role in the advancement of functional genomics the major health science of this coming century.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Computer science is the beginning of all programs. G-Nome could run on a website which means it would require internet connection which is essentially basic communication technology. Knowledge over chemistry would be necessary to properly relate the base pairs of the analyzed DNA and the implications they have on people's biochemistry. This is essential if we want to produce medicinal applications from the program. Blectronics make the entire idea possible. From the formation of the program, to the internet connection, and for the initial requirment of being able to analyze DNA and compare its individual components by isolating them in a lab. If this idea is not already being planned by computer programmers working for the government then G-Nome has great potential for success.


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Flat Rock, MI
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