Its a portable, fire proof tent that pops open in a matter of second. Its a 1.5ft by 1.5ft cube. The tent will open up to be 3.5ft in height and 6.7ft in length and 4ft wide. You have a remote control that when you push a button it will open up or close. This would be very useful for people that are handicapped, because with a regular tent, they would have to go through all the hassle of building it. It would also help you out if your on a camping trip and it's about to rain, you can just pop it open and relax before the rain comes. This tent would be solar powered, to power the remote control, and to have a power source( i.e outlets) and power so it can fold itself back up.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Electronics would make the remote work and the tent able to unfold and refold itself. Engineering and Robotics would also help with the remote control and the tent design. Engineering and Environmental science, will also help with the making of the solar panels and how the cube will open and close. The other category will be for Marketing and Merchandising.


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South Portland, ME
Age Category: 13-15

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