The Singularity Reactor

It creates energy by tapping into the singularity of a black hole. We can use it if we can go deep down to the planck length. And according to quantum physics, that the singularity is a part of the quantum foam. And since the quantum foam is the size of planck length. I thought of it as a form of teleportation.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The computer science is for monitoring the energy that it creates and for controlling the experiment. Math and Physics to perfect it. The nanotechnology is for opening the quantum foam to reveal the singularity and to tap on its resources


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    Brett@nyupoly @nyupoly Seems very plausible. April 02, 2012
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    mr incredible by the way your thinking of a worm hole. you have some brains though try to come up with something more down to earth and practical like an alternative fuel sorce. how could we even get to blackholes? March 30, 2012
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    mr incredible Dude creative but we have NO IDEA whats at the center of a black hole! Its gravitational field is so strong that not even light escapes nothing else even SLIGHTLY affects light! March 30, 2012
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Clyde Jallorina

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