A to Zinc Coffee

After seeing my parents and friends, drink so much coffee. I couldn’t help and wonder how damaging the caffeine must be to their health. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, too much coffee can contribute to Heart disease, Cholesterol, Blood vessels, Heart rhythm disturbance, blood pressure, Osteoporosis, Heartburn, sleep, Dehydration and Dependence. Not to mention the damage it may cause your teeth. Today’s standard coffee filters is really simple, however many people believe the filter itself may also contribute against your health. Our team decided to tackle this problem by coming up with a healthier coffee filters. Our coffee filters will be made of multivitamins A to Zinc to help promote healthy body chemistry and antioxidants to help promote healthy immune system. The way it will work is by inserting our coffee filter in the coffee maker. As hot water drips into our filters, the hot water will mix in with the vitamins and antioxidants. The coffee quality and taste will not be affected. Wouldn’t it be cool if our coffee filters helped people enjoy both their coffee and have a much healthier outcome to their lives ?

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

After heavily researching our Multivitamin coffee filter project. Our team understands that drinking vitamins and coffee is controversial. For starters coffee has natural acids that might prevent the absorption of certain minerals. Taking a multivitamin or any tablet/capsule with coffee hot/warm drink can accelerate the capsule or tablet disintegration process, causing them to become sticky. This may cause the capsules to release the vitamin and mineral powdered contents prematurely in the throat. As a result of the problem, chemistry will allow us to mix the vitamin and antioxidant into the coffee filter.Chemistry will not only help us mask the taste of vitamins, but it will also help us mix and calibrate vitamins at different temperature. Math will allow us to record the amount of vitamins and antioxidant a person will receive per cup. If its to much vitamins it can become dangerous. If its to low would it taste funny ? Math and chemistry is very important for our coffee filter with out them, our product will be just another regular coffee filter.


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