light bulb pan

A light bulb pan make can help a lot.It helps with cook outs,and when the power go's out.See the light that is in the pan makes a hot heat to make what ever you are cooking will not have to use the oven to cook on. I think you should use it for cook outs or when the power go's out.So when the power go's out you can still cook what ever you need to cook.The things you need to make it is a fat pan, 2 or 3 light bulbs ,wires, battery,saw,drills,and a number turner.First you cut the pan into Two parts then put the light bulb's into the pan.Next you will have to put the wires on to all 3 light bulbs then put it on the battery.Last you put the wire on the number tuner and put the pan back on top of each other and drill it back on top of each other.And you are done.How it works is when you start to turn the number turner you will see it will start to get very very hot! Untill you can cook on it!

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

I choose engineering because the light bulb pan is a machine that con help humans. Like how i said it can help doing a power out because you can still cook. The light bulb helps because you don't have to use electricty.


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the light bulb pan

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