Mini Shields

My idea was the Mini Shields, and this can help people who are in a hurry and dont have time to clean their glasses with a cloth. On each side of the frame of the glasses there will be a lil tiny mini lever. It looks just like a windshield wipper with a cloth piece at one end othe metal lever where it comes in contact with the glass. You would have to manually push the lever up and down with your fingers, but if you're a business person and don't have time to clean glasses it takes to seconds as you are walking to a meeting or something to clean ur glasses with the lever. If your outside and it is raining, the wippers can clear away raindroplets that land on the glass. If your glasses fog up, it can be cleared within seconds using this invention. Anyone can use it a student, a business worker, a mom, or even a grandparent. This is for anyone who needs a shortcut in life if they are always busy doing something that they don't have time to clean glasses the old fashioned way. People would only have to buy replacement cloth but keep the metal lever. I thought of it because I am a busy person, and I wear glasses and I don't have much time to clean them by hand. When I invented this I took it to school and everywhere i went. It worked really well and I think everyone should have it to save them time. I made one for my family and they say it works really well for them when they are busy, and its not perment to glasses. it can be taken off at any time. My proto type was successful.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Well, I chose mathematics and engineering because you need these skills to put together and sell my invention of the Mini Wippers. Engineering is needed because these people can design the metal lever to fit on certain frames and look interseting so it can help the person who is using it. Mathematics is needed because you need to know the proportion of the frame to the glasses to the little levers; not all glasses are the same size nor shape. Mathematics can also help with selling this product, with taxes, amount of money used to make it compared to the profit we get from it. Also to have statisitics to see if this helps more people over time.


  • Goldenchest Windshield wipers for the eyes! I have the worst lenses ever; they keep getting greasy and dirty even when I don't touch them. I could totally use an invention like this. You got my vote :) April 01, 2012
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Ally Barbera

Franklinville, NJ
Age Category: 13-15

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