Energy sidewalk

when presure is put on sidewalk tile the tile moves down which pushes a block with teeth on it that turns a gear which powers a generator and similar to christmas light you can make long strands of tiles which then power is sent to a storage facility at one end of the sidewalk so the power can be distributed to nearby building. this product would be installed in cities thats recieve foot trafic like New York, Chicago or any city that has side walks in it. This idea came to me when i saw that a club uses a similar power system to power the floor lights but thats really all it powers so i thought maybe this could be use in sidewalks

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

the environmeantal science aspect is for sortof designing the generator since it is similar to a windmill or water mill. electronics because it deals with power electricity and batery systems like all electronics do. engineering because you need to build a system to transport and store the power.


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hales corners, WI
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