The Green Car

Have you ever heard these phrases, "gas prices went up again" or "this car is very expensive." I dont know if you have heard it but i have. So i started thinking for ideas to make these things better. then i said "wouldnt it be cool if" then i started thinking. After a while i now knew how to make it better. My idea was a car, this car was an "awesome" car. The car will run out of biochemicals/trash, the materials to make this car will be recycled such as: Recycled glass windows, metal made out of recycled metal, and outer covering of the car made out of lead. This car will not only run out of biochemicals also out of solar panels, wind and pressure energy. This car will also have a back up gasoline tank that can hold up to 2 gallons of gasoline. The reason i decide to make the fuel out of bio chemicals and the car out of recycled material is because the two main problems in our world is pollution and runnning out of natural recources. The car will also have some kind of machine that cleans the harmful gas that comes out of this car. This little machine could prevent the harming of air pollution.Thus car will also have a massaging seat so when your stressed you could just turn it on and just..... relax.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

to be able to make my idea come to life we have to use environmental science, engineering, math, and chemistry. I think that the two main out of all those would be environmental science and engineering. The reason i chose environmental science is because the car mainly runs out of solar panels, windmills, and many other things you could think of. Engineering will also be a great use because without a mechanical engineer we cant really build a car. Chemistry was one of my choices because we have to learn how to be able to make the trash, road kill, etc., into biochemicals. Thas how i would use these brilliant tools.


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San Luis, AZ
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