Let's watch an old movie!

The "Let's watch an old movie!" creation looks like a DVD player but it can also play old VHS, cassette, and CD's. I thought it would help the next generation learn what a better place there was, learn the lessons the old music and videos gave and if they're family had anything taped, they could watch it. Even the elders could use it for watching memories of their childhood. The idea came when i was wanting to watch old videos at home. Companies don't make objects for when we want to play a cassette or such, and won't transfer them for cheap money. This creation would be simple to use with only four buttons. Open/close, power, play,and stop. All of the music and movies would be placed in the same opening, read onto either a television or computer.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

To make the wonderful design of "Let's watch a Movie" we would have to learn how to use electronics and other science related topics. Electronic science would help making all the wires, electricity and studs used to read the recordings, to create a circuit board. The other category would be friction, vibration, or sounds carried through the electronic parts to make the recordings presentable.


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Age Category: 10-12

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