Contacts That Produce Images

My idea is to have a contact that displays images. I thought of the idea when I realized the step technology took when it created touch screens. I knew the next step would be by brain power. So I thought a good way to do this would be contacts. It would be a lot like an itouch. When you turn it on there would be a main menu, and then you could go to the places you want. Say you wanted to view pictures, you would think of pictures, and then they would appear. You could play games, and even watch videos without using your hands. You could use a calculator instantly. My idea would make the world run as fast as our brains do. Imagine if you were typing, you wouldn’t even have to use your hands, you would just need to think. The world would change. When you were done, you would shut off the contact and it could help you see like a regular contact. If you had perfect eyesight then it wouldn't assist you with your seeing. Everybody could use it! My idea would make the world we live in much faster and more sophisticated.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Many tools would be used to create contacts that produce images. Computer science would be used a lot. It would help display the actual images onto the contacts. This is most likely the most important tool used. Math would have to be used in formulas to create the scripting for the contacts. This wouldn't be used very much. Electronics is another main component to my idea. Electronics would be used to power the machine. Also to make the contact work with the brain a form of electricity most likely will be used. Lastly, nanotechnology would be used in the brain, because the wiring or bits in the contact would have to be very small so that they aren’t seen through the contact as the person looks around. These are all of the tools to make this life changing idea.


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