The Music Car Safety

Car Detector This device goes on your wrist or is attached to your bike. This devoice warns you if a car is coming, also it warns the driver. It will blink rapidly if a car is coming also it will beep. If you wanted to listen to your music and use this device at the same time you can plug a smaller device into your music listening device the plug your headphones into that. When a car is coming your music will shut off and it will beep. But you will also have to have the bigger device attached onto your bike to. How this will help math and science This Idea will help math and science by using the technology of sensors to sense when a car is coming. Also my Idea will help use the technology of commutating between devices. It will also help math and science by being able to use two apps at the same time.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The tools that I choose could help my idea by using all the computers programs to create an app that would work with my device. Also having programs to use to commucate btween my two devices. Using the communications technology will help a lot with my device by having the two devices communicating btween each other to transmit messages. I also think it involves nanotechnology because the parts inside of the device so the its not so big.


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Temple, NH
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