Rhymes are wireless ear buds that fit right into your ear; they are so small they won't be noticed or fall out easily. They will come in different sizes, designs and features based strictly on what you want. Rhymes are perfect for when you're exercising, on the go or listening to your music discreetly (like in class or at work).Rhymes connect right to your iphone, ipod or music listening device for your personal convenience. Also, to ensure you don't lose or damage your Rhymes they will come in a sturdy, waterproof case. Rhymes are just what every teen and adult wants.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

We chose engineering and electronics to assist in the making of our idea. Since Rhymes are an electronic device, to make them a successful product good electronics would be needed. In order for Rhymes to work, you would need to build actual ear buds; as well as, a wireless connector that was compatible with all kinds of music listening devices. These are all problems that could be solved using electronics. Engineering, however, is equally as important as electronics. In order for people to want to wear Rhymes, they have to be comfortable, sturdy and of good quality. Engineers could help make sure that the Rhymes weren't just electronically sound but structurally sound as well. Overall, both engineering and electronics are key to making Rhymes a successful product.


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