Water Proof Socks

My idea is “Water Proof Socks” my idea does exactly what it’s called. Socks that are water proof! People that would use my invention would be anyone that does activities from walking in the rain to skiing and snowboarding. I thought of this idea when I was really little and it stuck in my head, I was walking in the rain, I stepped in a puddle and my socks stayed wet for hours! It was so uncomfortable. The math and science you would use to make this product would be very simple all you need is water proof material such as the fabric from a rain jacket sow it on a sock then us extra reinforced bands to keep the sock from staying on your foot

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

i chose "Other" because it was the best choose because it would allow the socks to be sowen and weared by any one to a fashion model to a skier.


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rockport, MA
Age Category: 13-15

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