Flying Cars

Two metal objects that don't contract to each other on opposite ends. We will use a magnet on the road to make the cars stay in the air. It would make everything much easier and fun this way the car fly's. I think everyone should be able to have one, if they would like to. I thought of this when i was sitting on my couch watching TV and a commercial for some hovercraft type of toy came on. It showed how the disc made the toy fly up as long as it didn't touch the disc though. It looked really neat so I thought that maybe one day I will try to make are cars do the same.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Aeronautics and Engineering is needed because without aeronautics the car will not be able to fly in the air. We need engineering because without having one we will not know or be able to create the car. We need others because we have to have materials in order to create the flying cars.Engineering has to with math and computer science so we will also need those.


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Team Badd Chiicks

Kansas City Ks, KS
Age Category: 13-15

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