The Help On The Go

THE HELP ON THE GO What is the Help on The Go? Help on the go is a device that is pocket size, so you can take it anywhere! If you are ever in trouble, just press the ‘Press Here’ button and talk into the built in speaker. And it will automatically call the Fire Station, Police Department, and the hospital. They will reply right away and come help you. This is different than a phone. Because it calls instantly to all stations and you don’t have to wait and it’s unbreakable and even goes through fire. If you also say call parents, it will call all of their works, cell phones, home phones, everything. You can put all of this information in with a setting button on the back of the device. This device also comes in a variety of colors. The Fun in a Help on the Go! The Help on the Go, is just not about helping you, you can also play games on the device. Just click the ‘Fun’ button on your Help on the Go. It will automatically start giving you ideas for games that you can play. To respond, hit the ‘Fun’ Button. This won’t restart your device. When you are finished just tell it to shut off. This fun device Give’s you help when you need it, and having fun all in one! Math and Science Involved The Help on the Go is made of metal, in the form of a box. The buttons are metal as well, but the color red. The speaker is from a radio that has been recycled so we aren’t wasting any natural resources. But it

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

For my idea, You need Computer Science to figure out the games part, and you need communications Technology for contacting the Stations and other people, other for tools to make it work, and you need Electronics for the Gaming part as well. And math to rigure out measurments of the "The Help On The Go."


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Age Category: 10-12

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