The Transaderm Patch

Currently medicines are effective in stopping viruses and allergies, but there is a flaw in the way we administer these drugs. Us. Children hate taking medicine and getting shots, adults can forget, and geriatric patients can have special needs. The Transaderm Patch, a transdermal medicine transmitter, would help. Transdermal patches have five parts: The backing (to protect the drug from the air), the liner (to hold the drug), the drug (the treatment), the membrane (to release the drug at the right time intervals), and the adhesive (to stick to you). It would work like a nicotine patch, releasing time-controlled medicine. It could be used on small children to give medicine that would otherwise be in liquid, a pill, or a shot. Clearly, this would be easier on everyone. But its best use would be for the old. Often, they forget their daily pills. With increasing health problems as we age, it would be nice just to apply a patch that would release medicine when needed. This idea would reduce many problems. No more refused or forgotten medications, no more unattractive pills or shots, and less likelihood of overdose. The patches would be available in over the counter medicines as well as prescriptions. You see, Transaderm Patches are a plan that will help everyone. The Transaderm Patch would solve hundreds of problems that exist in our current form of medicine. Thank you for reading.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

The knowledge necessary to create my invention is in biology, chemistry and math. Pharmaceutical science requires the use of all these. We must understand how the body works and how it will absorb the medicines in my Transderm Patch. Chemistry and math go hand in hand to formulate the medicines into something the body can absorb through the skin. My invention, the Transaderm Patch, would help millions of people through the use of biology, chemistry, and math.


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