Bone Analyzer Kit

When someone breaks or fractures a bone, what do you do if you don't how severe it is? Well, when a bone is broken or fractured, it releases various elements and chemicals into the surrounding bloodstream. Our tester will take blood from the affected area, analyze it, and show the likelihood/severity of the injury. This is possible because certain chemicals normally not found in blood are released when bones are broken. This would quail those who worry about radiation doses from x-rays. People who would use our product would range from doctors to athletic coaches, for on-the-spot treatment. With our tester, one can determine how to treat an injured patient. One day during track practice, our team leader was doing hurdles, and she landed badly after a jump. She came over and started talking and said she was in some pain. That led to a conversation about bone fractures and how a lot of people at our school were getting x-rays for broken bones. Concerned about high radiation doses from x-rays, we wanted to provide a safer alternative to x-rays. As a result, our team came up with the idea of a safe bone analyzer kit to test the likelihood of a broken bone.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

Information about the structure of the human body is required for our bone analyzer to work. Specifically analyzing blood. Variables like where a needle should be injected and how much blood is need to be drawn can be determined by the science of life, biology. Chemistry is key to our instrument. Knowledge on chemicals, elements, and reactions are needed to determine accurate results. Reactions from the human body is what allows our tester to work. Data is gotten from the information based on chemicals and elements. For people to be able to figure the likelihood of broken bones, percentage should be given. To calculate the percentages of various chemicals/elements present in the blood sample, mathematics is required.


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