Magnified Solar Power Panels

Currently, solar power is very inefficent. It is clean and usable but you need a lot of solar panels for a little bit of energy. My invention solves that problem by magnifying the efficency of the existing solar panels. The design adds hundreds of small magnifying glasses to focus the sun's rays and collect more sunlight. Several magnifying glasses will be attached together and will be supported in several spots by poles or something narrow. The magnifying glasses would need to be slightly raised off the solar panels, between 6 and 12 inches, and have the ability to rotate with the movement of the sun. This will allow the need for fewer solar panels for equal or greater amounts of energy produced. I would like to see solar energy become more economical for everyone to use, not just those individuals that can afford high tech housing. This idea came to me when I was in my home school science class while I was thinking about different uses of the magnifying glass. In conclusion, the use of many magnifying glasses would focus the sun's rays in such a way as to magnify the power of the solar panels, thereby generating more power for the same amount of space and effort. This would make the use of solar power more efficient and economical. Thus, more people would be able to afford to set up solar power systems for their own household use.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

My invention would require the use of many areas of science, including: computer science, mathematics, earth science, environmental science, electronics, and engineering. I would use computer science to design a model of what I plan to build and to make a program for moving the magnifying glasses based upon the time of day and the sun's position. Mathematics would be necessary in calculating the movement of the magnifying glasses and in calculating the movement of the sun's position. I would use earth science to determine the sun's rays in relation to the solar panels. Environmental science would be involved because the use of solar panels would be a direct relationship between man and his environment. I would use electronics to design circuit boards to operate the magnifying glasses and for the process of transfering the energy from the solar panels. Engineering would be necessary to design and build all of the components of the magnifying glasses and solar panels.


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