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Heatstroke occurs when a humans' core body temperature exceeds 104 degrees F.When a person's body heat overwhelms the victims' thermoregulatory mechanism, this increases their likelihood to develop Hyperthermia.Because an adult's thermoregulatory system is more efficient than that of children, infants' and toddlers' body temperatures can increase(on average)3 to 5 times faster.National statistics show that out of all heat stroke incidents involving children, the majority of casualities were due to vehicular Hyperthermia.With more than 606 recorded deaths this staggering number is yet only a reflection of the past ten years.As of the now the only means of preventing these Hyperthermia casualties, is to essentially remember the key phrase: "Beat the heat, check the back seat".After observing and analyzing this data, I began to reflect. Wouldn't it be cool if there was another way to accurately and effectively provide a means to prevent infant and toddler death in relation to vehicular hyperthermia. A mechanism that would detect the onset of heightened temperatures while simultaneously recognizing the weight of a child, a vital synchronization, in order to prevent what could become a fatalitiy. My idea is to provide a pressure sensitive matting insert encased with a medical grade silicone, contoured to fit in most infant and toddler car seats. Connected via electric cord would be the data transmitter visually providing temperature readings and batter life information through a

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

After observing all of the categories to best represent my design, I narrowed my options down to my top 3:Electronics, Communications Technology, and Other.All three categories are vital in allowing my idea to"come to life".First of all, I chose electronics, because the"brain"of my idea is centered around the GPS Transmitter.As an infant or toddler is positioned inside of his/her carseat, the weight sensitive sensors inside of the insert send baby recognition information to the transmitter.As baby recognition has been confirmed,the wireless digital thermometer,positioned inside of the transmitter, signals warnings when temperatures exceed those that could put the child in harms way.During a code yellow warning, the caregiver and other registered numbers are sent a text informing them of the situation, as well as the location of the child.As temperatures increase inside of the automobile and reach a code red warning, the GPS positioned inside of the device sends out information of the location of the automobile as well as information on the cars movement detected by the accelerometer found inside of the transmitter, specifically to inform police if the car is parked or in motion.That is when Communications and Technology comes in.When the GPS sends out information relative to the location of the automobile,the power of communications and technology are vital in allowing police to react to heat code warnings and take necessary action in order to preserve a child's life.


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To Save A Life.

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