pollution robot

A robot that goes around the city scanning for garbage and such. When he finds it he decides whether it is recyclable or not and puts it in the correct pocket or compartment. If it isn't recyclable then the pollution robot will put it in the garbage pouch. when he is done for the day he returns to the hq. he then goes to a special room call the desintagrate room. he dumps the garbage and uses a flame thrower to disintigrate it.

How Math & Science Can Help Power My Idea

We would need robotics for our idea because what we are trying to make is a robot and it will need a chip to program it. The robot would need engineering too because engineers would have to make the frame and maybe some of the inside of the robot. Our group would need electronics because that is what is going to power the robot. math because you program using math and enviromental science because it helps the environment


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